Best Penny Stocks Under 10 CENTS

Penny Stocks
Penny Stocks

The best thing about investing in penny stocks is the fixed amount of risk you must accept upfront to purchase the stock, as well as the investment’s risk-reward ratio. Buying cents per share may appear dangerous, as many stocks trading at that level are on the verge of extinction. If the stock eventually starts to rise, returns might swiftly increase.

You can make money if you buy quickly and sell before the price collapses if you snag a penny stock during someone else’s “pump and dump” operation. If you only have a small amount of money to invest, penny stocks can help you improve the value of your portfolio. A single step is the first step on a long journey, and penny stocks could be your first step.

Furthermore, by purchasing a block of stock at such a low price, you will always know where you are in terms of risk, as the stock’s lowest point is $0, which isn’t far away. Choosing a few penny stocks presently can buy diversify your portfolio while also lowering risk. Consider these stocks as a method to get a feel for the market.

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Top 5 Penny Stocks to Buy Under 10 Cents

1. SPYR Inc

SPYR, Inc. - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

SPYR is an IoT company (Internet of Things). The company develops software and artificial intelligence to improve Apple goods. SPYR, in particular, works to improve the capabilities of gadgets for use at home. SPYR acquired the Applied MagiX company in 2020. Because it is an Apple developer, SPYR can produce high-quality products. The purchase of Applied MagiX also provided SPYR with some direction.

SPYR hired a Principal Financial Officer in early November 2021. That’s always a positive step forward. In addition, the company will air its first national television advertising. And there are two versions of it, each aimed at a different audience. This is a penny stock worth less than ten cents that could turn into a jackpot in the future.

2. Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc.

Edgewater: Major Service Provider Completes Proof of Concept Demonstrating  Outstanding Results

Edgewater improves Wi-Fi performance. And it accomplishes it by chopping the spectrum. This is the process of converting a single network into multiple channels. It allows the network to accommodate a huge ability of Wi-Fi users without slowing down. In conclusion, the company is focused on resolving the issue of lagging caused by high traffic levels.

Edgewater’s leadership appears to be outstanding. The company’s President and CEO have worked for a Silicon Valley firm for many years. By focusing on marketing, he was able to raise the company’s profile. He also assisted with corporate development and planning.

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3. Global Fiber Technologies, Inc.

Global Fiber Technologies Inc. (GFTX) Stock Message Board - InvestorsHub

This penny stock is worth less than ten cents and is used to make clothing. It has three main business channels in particular. The first is apparel for sports fans. There’s even a section named “Event Worn, Reborn.” It digitally encodes the fibers from a piece of clothing worn at an event into a line of fun clothing. Customers can buy apparel “worn by” their favorite athletes and players.

Global Fiber’s Eco Tek 360 is the company’s second focus. They collect obsolete business attire that would otherwise be thrown away. They then recycle them into brand new garments, uniforms, and suits. This is done for a variety of industries and types of uniforms. The Fiber Chain is the third.

This is the world’s first clothing-buying and-selling platform based on blockchain technology. It’s still in the works. However, instead of days or weeks, it promises to link buyers and sellers of fibers in minutes.


IIoT-OXYS Company Profile: Stock Performance & Earnings | PitchBook

IIOT-OXYS is a penny stock in the technology sector that trades for less than ten cents. It was once known as Gotham Capital Holdings. The company is now focusing on manufacturers. IIOT, in particular, makes use of AI. In addition, blockchain and other technology are being used to assist manufacturing in increasing output and quality.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is a term that refers to the network of devices that are connected So you can see how the Internet of Things (IoT) is evolving. It continues to expand and divide into several applications and industries. It’s starting to carve out niches and merge with other specialist sectors.

They are in charge of managing IIOT software for customers as well as delivering products and services. They do so so that these clients don’t have to focus as much time learning new technology. In addition, the company will be able to focus more on giving value to its clients.

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5. Metrospaces Inc.

Metrospaces August 2021 Shareholder Letter

Metro spaces is a penny stock with a market cap of fewer than ten cents that works in the PropTech business. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, PropTech stands for Property Technology. It specifically refers to technologies that assist in the real estate industry. The goal of Metrospaces is to find the best properties on the planet. Then, these cutting-edge technologies are applied to them.

It owns two businesses. One is already operational, while the other is still in the works. Metro house provides a fantastic tenant experience by combining AI and blockchain. It offers AI-based tenant matching, for example. Metrocrowd is the other. The Ethereum network will be used for this. It will also allow people to use tokens to buy whole or partial real estate.

Other technologies are also used to automate real estate deals. It also involves the purchase and sale of real estate on occasion. If you prefer dealing in the real estate market, this is a wonderful penny stock under ten cents.

Features to Look for in Stocks Under 10 Cents

1. Product and future earnings potential: Many penny stocks may be hard to research due to minimum listing rules. Make as much research as possible on any potential purchases so you can be sure you’re investing in a legitimate company with a viable product or service. You’ll also make to see if the company has the potential for good future earnings per share. Keep in mind that frauds abound in the penny stock market, so learn to spot them.

2. Assets and liabilities: Examine the company’s financial statements for assets and other tangibles that could turn the stock into an asset play, meaning that stockholders could profit from the liquidation of the company’s assets. Stockholders may not be entitled to the revenues of the sale of company assets if the company is saddled with liabilities.

3. Liquidity: Penny stocks might be hard to sell once you’ve built up a substantial position due to their cheap price and speculative character. It’s possible that liquidating a large position in an illiquid market will cost you the majority of your winnings.

Advantages of investing in Penny stocks

Even though many investors do not trade penny stocks, they can be multi-baggers. Regular and institutional investors are likewise wary of investing in them for a variety of reasons, including concerns that a lack of fundamentals would invest their line of wishful returns or their low market capitalization.

This means that if you want to invest in penny stocks under 10 cents with potential, you’ll need to maintain a careful eye on the investor’s fundamentals and technicals, which can lead to remarkable outcomes.

Also, because the price is cheap, you can buy more shares, and there’s a potential you’ll see large profits in a short period, but it’s normally only recommended for high-risk investors. Low liquidity is another important factor to invest in when investing in penny stocks.

What should you look for while choosing stocks?

Investing in penny stocks requires a few well-thought-out measures, regardless of the broker you use. Some people see a stock’s price rise and decide to invest in it, but it is not that straightforward. To learn how and when to invest in this area, you’ll need years of experience and planning. However, there are a few things to think about before investing in penny stocks:

1. Product development

When investing in penny stocks under ten cents, this is an important issue to consider. You should properly evaluate the company’s prospects because this will give you a good sense of any macro or internal difficulties that may damage its long-term ability.

Before investing, you should ask yourself a few concerns, such as what would happen if a key patent expires. Also, how would the company react if a competitor released a superior product? As a result, search for viability because the more viable it is, the more likely it is to have growth elements, which will improve the stock’s performance.

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2. Stocks with a lot of hype

At times, you should follow the crowd, but not always. Check for stocks with a lot of hype, as there could be a news catalyst that day, or it could just be a popular stock right now. Check the stock’s daily trading volume, which should be large enough for you to readily get in and out. Potential for company expansion

Check the price action on the stock chart because this is an important metric to consider. Examining the figures might assist you in choosing the ideal entrance position.

In addition, potential investors should carefully examine the company’s business strategy, business plan, and the board of directors’ functioning and reputation. All of these things have an impact on the brand value, which in turn has an impact on the share price movement.

4. Liabilities vs. assets

The first thing you should check before investing in a company is its balance sheet. Assets grow the enterprise’s value through time, but liabilities are the obligations that must be paid.

Working capital, asset performance, and capitalization structure are all things to evaluate while evaluating the balance sheet of a company. As a result, before investing, you should research and evaluate the balance sheet.

5. The market’s liquidity

Liquidity, according to FS Investments, is “the ease with which an investment can be acquired or sold without materially affecting the security’s price.”

This means that if you can purchase or sell a stock without difficulty, it is said to be liquid, and if not, it is said to be illiquid. As a result, before investing in penny stocks under ten cents, you should constantly check the market’s liquidity.

How to Trade Penny Stocks

While trading penny stocks, there are a few things to keep in mind. These pointers might assist you in reducing risk and making informed judgments. –

1. Invest just what you can afford to lose- This is the most important guideline of investment in general; it means that you should not invest if you are not willing to lose anything. Because risk is closely tied to investment, decide after weighing all of the dangers and do not invest all of your savings.

2. Keep up with the news- Always keep up with the latest news about your stocks by reading the industry report or checking. Before you invest, you need to know everything there is to know. For example, any information or news about economic development or new job opportunities is considered bullish for stocks.

3. Never put your faith in promotional pumps- There are times when you’ll see a price spike in stocks, but this could be due to future expectations that aren’t based on reality.

4. Trade with volume- When trade in the best penny stocks under 10 cents, you should always trade with volume. It is deemed necessary because it is the only method to make money from them; otherwise, you would not be able to make much money.

5. Do not overtrade- While each investor has their buying and selling strategy, it is generally recommended that you do not overtrade in general. If you’re a newbie, for example, your account may have some limits that prevent you from investing in extremely volatile stocks.

They do this to prevent you from inflicting financial harm by overtrading without fully comprehending the hazards involved.

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