Angel Broking Review 2022

Angel Broking
Angel Broking Review

Angel Broking Review

An in-depth look at Angel Broking: Angel Broking is India’s largest full-service retail broker and one of the leading broking service providers. The full-service stockbroker, which has a customer base of over one million, recently changed its business model in November 2019 to offer a flat brokerage charge on all services and free equity delivery, which is an impressive move. Previously, they charged a percentage of the transaction amount for each trade.

Angel Broking has successfully established a pan-India presence in over 1800 cities and towns with over two decades of broking experience. When it comes to investment and trading advisory services, angel broking excels with modern and functional trading platforms.

It is also known for its ethical and transparent working policies. Among all other retail brokers in the country, the firm’s trading strategies are regarded as the best. Their economic and corporate studies are so thorough that the firm has become synonymous with the best service practices in the stock-broking industry, serving investors’ interests to the fullest extent possible.

The following article is a beginner’s guide to understanding what Angel Broking has to offer. This Angel Broking review will go over the firm’s history, brokerage and other fees, key features, product and service offerings, and the benefits and drawbacks of investing and trading with this firm.

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History of Angel Broking

Mr Dinesh Thakkar founded Angel Broking in 1987 with a capital of Rs. 5 lakhs, half of which he lost in just eight months. Mr Dinesh comes from a well-known textile business family in Mumbai. He had a flair for business ownership and entrepreneurship in his blood because he came from a family of business owners. He completed his primary education in Mumbai. He was fascinated by technology breakthroughs, which is why he was able to implement them in his company, angel broking, which features some of the most cutting-edge technological and digital advancements.

Mr Dinesh seized an opportunity at a time when other stockbrokers were less concerned with customer care. Mr Dinesh’s stock recommendations were the most accurate of all the brokers, which is why he was able to grow as the greatest stockbroker so quickly. He put his clients’ needs first and concentrated on offering bespoke services tailored to their individual requirements. He sees trading as a zero-sum game, which is why he read books on fundamental and technical analysis to learn about market volatility. The organization is now well-known for its basic stock recommendations and guidance.

The company is a member of the BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX, as well as a Depository Participant with CDSL. Angel Broking provides stock and commodity broking, wealth management, investment counseling and recommendation services, loans against shares, margin funding, and financial product distribution, among other services.

To remain competitive in the market, Angel Broking began offering cheap broking services, in which delivery trading is free and other trading sectors, such as Futures, Options, Commodities, Currencies, and Intraday trading, are paid a flat sum of Rs. 20 per deal. It can be used to trade across all exchanges.

They also offer investment advisory services, which include recommending which stocks to trade, where to invest, and why you should invest or trade in a specific stock, which is why they have such a large client base, servicing over 8500 cities and towns. This firm’s trading program is also very easy to use for any investor because it is user friendly, which is why it is well-known.

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Brokerage Fees & Other Fees -Angel Broking

The following is a list of Angel Broking’s various fees, including brokerage and transaction fees, account opening fees, and other related fees.

1. There are no fees to open an account (Opening Charges Waived)

2. Annual Account Maintenance Charges (AMC): Rs 240

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Brokerage Fees at Angel Broking

For long-term delivery trades, Angel Broking charges ZERO brokerage, whereas Intraday, F&O, and all other traders pay a maximum of Rs 20 per trade.

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Strengths of Angel Broking – Unique Features

Here are some of Angel Broking’s greatest advantages over other discount brokers and competitors:

1. The firm is the largest independent full-service retail brokerage house thanks to the utilization of innovative technology and digital platforms.

2. Angel Brokerage is currently India’s fourth-largest retail broking business in terms of active clients on the NSE platform, with a market share of 8.28 percent.

3. With over two decades of experience and presence in the stockbroking sector, the brand ‘Angel Broking’ has earned a lot of respect and brand equity.

4. Because of their extensive sub-broker network and presence in numerous places, they have been able to provide high-quality services that have resulted in client satisfaction.

5. They also offer videos and podcasts with their consumers and investors to help them make the greatest investing and trading selections possible.

6. They stand out in the market since they provide customised services to consumers based on their needs.

7. The incorporation of technical advances into their trading platforms makes trading and investing more convenient.

8. The ARQ platform, which is AI-based, is regarded as a world-class Robot-assisted service.

9. Angel Broking was a forerunner in new client activation, with its ‘Trade in One Hour’ offering allowing clients to be activated in under an hour.

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Angel Broking Product & Service Review

Angel Broking offers a variety of products and services to its clients who trade in the equity and other markets. Let’s continue our Angel Broking review by delving into the specifics of the many products and services that Angel Broking provides, which are as follows:

1. Angel Broking’s Products: Equity Trading, Derivatives, Commodities, Currency, Mutual Funds, and Insurance are the cornerstones of all of Angel Broking’s products. Customers can not only trade and invest with the items, but they can also get news alerts, advice, and a wide selection of insurance policies. Term plans, endowment plans, money-back plans, and other insurance products are available to investors via a commodity derivatives interface.

Demat Account, Trading Account, Intraday Trading, Advisory Services, Efficient Customer Support, Depository Service, Portfolio Health Score, ARQ – AI-Powered Robo Advisory, NRI Services, and Loan against Shares are some of the services provided by Angel Broking. They also offer the greatest portfolio management services to High Net Worth Individuals. The stock-broking firm’s technical help and extensive analytical services are also its cornerstone.

3. Research, Advisory, and Stock Tips: The Full-Service broker provides clients with research reports, advisory and recommendations, and stock tips from specialists on a regular basis, eliminating the need for them to seek such information and services elsewhere. The all-in-one stockbroker is outfitted with cutting-edge technology to assist investors in making well-informed selections.

4. ARQ: The highly efficient Artificial Intelligence-based Robo Advisory platform recommends stocks and mutual funds to investors based on future stock predictions rather than historical data. The service is free of charge to the investor and delivers individualized fund management recommendations and insights. It is a fully integrated trading software that incorporates the most up-to-date technologies.

5. Angel Broking App: The app is a multi-purpose platform that allows investors to trade online, receive news alerts and tips in real time, as well as generate reports and ledgers. The app provides fast and quick online cash transfers, charts and quotations, multi-asset trading, margin statements, limits, orders, and much more, making it suitable for both regular investors and frequent traders.

6. Angel Eye: This web-based teaching platform allows users to manage their portfolios, trade online, and keep up with the latest stock market news.

7. Angel Speedpro: This desktop-based trading terminal provides users with 30-day intraday and 20-year historical data for high-level analysis to help them make smarter investment decisions.

8. Angle Swift is a web-based mobile trading platform that allows you to trade from your smartphone or tablet.

9. Angel Lite: This mobile browser-based trading platform is designed specifically for users with sluggish GPRS connections, and there is no need to download or install anything.

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Angel Broking Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

Angel Broking’s distinct selling point could be their investment counseling service, stock suggestions, and frequent research reports and ledgers from a panel of highly skilled professionals in the sector. Let’s talk about the company’s additional advantages and disadvantages.

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Angel Broking Stockbroker’s Advantages

1. Angel Broking is the largest full-service broker, offering flat brokerage fees and free delivery trades.

2. Free advisory services for discount brokerage clients.

3. It serves as a one-stop shop for a variety of trading and investment-related products and services.

4. They employ innovative technology to allow investors to trade and invest while on the road, with easy access to a variety of real-time data and alerts.

5. ARQ, an AI-based Robo Advisory App — ARQ is a wonderful resource.

6. The company has a pan-India presence in a number of locations, as well as a strong relationship with sub-brokers.

7. They also supply their consumers with the best research reports and stock suggestions, which any other bargain broker would barely provide for free.

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Angel Broking Stockbroker’s Drawbacks

1. Because Angle Broking is not a bank, it does not offer a 3-in-1 account that combines trading, demat, and banking.

2. Trades that require the aid of a broker are charged an additional Rs. 20 per executed order.

How do you get started with your Angel Broking Demat Account?

The first step on this page is to join up by providing your full name, city, and cellphone number, as well as verifying the OTP. To proceed with the signup, you’ll need to provide your PAN, bank account, Aadhar verification, and personal information. To finish the process, you’ll need to eSign and complete online self-verification.

In each step of the account opening page, all instructions are clearly stated. You don’t need to read the rest of this post if you’re good at reading and following directions. Simply go to the account creation page, complete the procedures, and upload the required documents to have your account created.

Furthermore, once you complete the first phase, you will be allocated an angel broking executive. You will receive a message with their contact information. He or she will assist you throughout the account opening process. You can contact them directly if you have any problems opening an account online.

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Final Thoughts

We attempted to cover the Angel Broking review for our readers in this article. Let’s quickly recap what we talked about.

Angel broking is a renowned full-service broker in India that charges its clients a fixed brokerage fee. It offers its customers trading platforms that are quick, modern, and simple to use, as well as skilled advising services. Furthermore, provided you have all of the essential paperwork, you can open your Demat account at Angel broking within an hour due to the simple and quick process.

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