5Paisa Review 2022

5Paisa Review 2022
5Paisa Review 2022

5Paisa Review 2022

5Paisa Capital Limited, the second-largest discount broker firm, has amassed a sizable customer base in a short period. This Fintech startup has also received numerous honors and has become a model for other stockbroking firms in the industry.

The company began as part of the IIFL Group, India’s largest financial services company. This discount broking firm was formed by Mr. Nirmal Jain, and it was later converted into a distinct entity in 2017.

Despite being a newcomer to the market, 5Paisa has already built a name for itself in areas such as online trading, mutual funds, and insurance. It’s also admirable for a newcomer to establish a goal of accumulating a client base of over one million in just three years. 5Paisa expects to reach 1 million active users by December 2020, based on their current growth rate.

The 5Paisa review article is made available to you exclusively and will serve as your complete manual, allowing you to study the second-largest discount broking firm from beginning to end, including its origins, the 5Paisa brokerage charges they imply, why you should consider trading through 5Paisa, what are its drawbacks, and what other products and services they offer aside from stockbroking, among other things.

5Paisa Review 2022

5Paisa Capital Limited’s Beginnings

India Infoline Financial Holdings Limited, a Mumbai-based Fintech business, was founded in 2007. Later, the firm was renamed IIFL Capital Limited, and then again in 2015, it was renamed 5Paisa Capital Limited.

Mr. Nirmal Jain, the company’s founder, has a long history with the full-service brokerage firm IIFL Securities, which has a market reputation as one of the major full-service stockbrokers as part of the leading financial services conglomerate, The IIFL Group.

IIFL completed a demerger plan in May 2017 to create 5PCL as a separate legal entity, which was listed on the BSE and NSE in November 2017. Mr. Prakash Gagdani currently serves as the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

5PCL’s 5paisa.com provides investors with a next-generation trading platform and investment experience, complete with innovative technologies and hassle-free trading and investing platform.

If we look at the company’s accomplishments, we can see that it has achieved four major milestones in just two years. They were named ‘The Digital Startup of the Year 2017’ by the World Digital Marketing Conference as the fastest growing digital financial enterprise that provides its customers with a 100% digital platform to trade and invest on.

In November 2018, the prizes for ‘Emerging Brand Excellence in the BFSI Sector’ and ‘Best Mobile Trading App’ were added to the hat. They were also named the ‘Best Use of Mobile Technology in Financial Services in February 2019, which is an outstanding achievement for any startup as a fast-growing company, especially one with so many competitors. In 2019, CDSL certified it as a Premium Depository.

They supply everything, and even more than any other discount brokerage firm would ever deliver to its customers at a very low cost, thanks to their technology-driven investment solutions.

For online trading in equities and currencies, they have a presence on the BSE, NSE, and MCX. Customers can also get free insurance goods and services, Robo advisory, IPO services, Trading, Demat, and Intraday services, as well as research reports and online and offline advisory services.

They offer up to 35x margin exposure in Equity Intraday, which is impressive for a newcomer to the market. They impose a fixed Rs. 20 brokerage fee regardless of the size of the trade and this fee is further reduced with various subscription plans.

Their research product breakthroughs assist investors in constructing a low-cost diversified portfolio tailored to each customer’s individual needs. They also promote investor and trader education by delivering video explanations, articles, and other learning resources.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

IPO क्या होता है और IPO कैसे काम करता है

5Paisa Review: Highlights

As a Fintech Startup, it leverages modern technology and provides a tech-driven trading and investment experience with a 100 percent online trading platform.

2. It offers free equity delivery transactions as well as a flat fee for other transactions as a flat brokerage service provider.

3. If an active trader subscribes to a certain plan that is determined depending on the needs of individual traders and their trading frequency, they can get lower brokerage charges than Rs. 20.

4. There is no need to submit paperwork online because it is an online trading platform. In just 5 minutes, you may open an account by submitting the required documents and information online!

5. They provide free mutual fund investment alternatives, which means you won’t have to pay any brokerage or other fees if you invest in a mutual fund with 5Paisa.

6. Their Robo Advisory service, which provides stock suggestions and investing recommendations, is fully based on Artificial Intelligence.

7. They have two sorts of accounts: one for 5Paisa Trading and the other for Mutual Funds. The Auto Investor function that comes with the 8. Mutual Fund Account type provides free advising on numerous Mutual Funds.

Government Bonds

An overview of everything 5Paisa has to offer, as well as its features

5Paisa offers a diverse range of products and services, including insurance and mutual fund investments. Here’s a rundown of everything the inexpensive brokerage firm has to offer:

1. Goods: They provide a wide range of products including equity, derivatives, mutual funds, SIPs, insurance, and currency. It is highly recommended for first-time investors because it is a discount broking service that charges less than other brokers.

2. Services: The artificial intelligence-based Fintech business offers Demat and Trading account services, as well as Intraday, IPO, and Robo Advisory.

3. AI-powered Robo Advisory: 5Paisa’s AI-powered Robo Advisory service delivers stock suggestions, investment recommendations, weekly stock performance, and other daily picks.

4. 5Paisa App Review: The app is a one-stop-shop for all types of trading and investing. Everything is included in one app, from placing an order to its execution, tracking orders, order and trade book, personalized watchlist, mutual fund investment, and net position overview.

5. Trade Station: This is a high-speed browser-based trading platform that allows investors to invest and trade in equity, derivatives, mutual funds, and fund transfers.

6. Research Tools: Small case, Swing Trader, Sensibull for Options, Smart Investor, and Screeners are some of the research products they offer. The small case creates low-cost, diversified investment products that are tailored to individual needs.


5Paisa Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

When discussing the advantages and disadvantages of trading and investing with 5Paisa, it should be remembered that the following are general advantages and disadvantages that may vary from person to person depending on the needs and requirements of each investor.


1. It provides stockbroking services at a very low cost, which makes it accessible to everyone.

2. Various prepaid brokerage plans are built with active traders and investors in mind, the small provide services at a lower cost than flat brokerage pricing.

3. Technology is effectively leveraged to deliver hassle-free online stockbroking services, resulting in the simplest form of online trading.

4. A free direct mutual fund investment option is available, as well as advice on the best-performing mutual funds.

5. The IIFL Group, a renowned financial services provider, is promoting this company.

6. Free research and advisory services are given, including fundamental and analytical studies.

7. The School product provides free-market education via the internet.

8. They offer insurance and related services in addition to other products and services.

9. It is a fast-growing discount brokerage firm with a high number of new customers every year, and it has won numerous accolades in a short period since it began operations.


1. They are only active in Mumbai. They don’t have any branches or offices in other cities because they provide an online trading platform.

2. Their Robo Advisory service is devoid of human research and recommendations, relying instead on AI-based solutions that aren’t always concrete.

3. They do not provide a 3-in-1 account that includes Demat, Trading, and Banking.

4. They don’t provide commodities trading or NRI trading services, either.

5. The Optimum plan is structured in such a way that just a few services are not included.

Post office deposit schemes

5Paisa Review 2022

Final Thoughts

A comprehensive analysis of 5Paisa, one of India’s greatest bargain brokers. We have covered all of the main aspects of 5Paisa in this post, including the review, brokerage charges, Demat account, margin, benefits, and more. With 5Paisa, you may rapidly start a Demat account.



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