Best 3 SIP plans to invest in 2014

Best 3 SIP plans to invest in 2014
Best 3 SIP plans to invest in 2014

Best 3 SIP plans to invest in 2014

SIP plans are considered efficient options to invest generating an automated process of cash flow thus building a significant corpus in a period of time. In this article I am going to speak about Best 3 sip plans to invest in 2014.

This article is helpful for a person who has already invested in SIPs and wants to know what further options he can invest into. In case you’ve already invested in the below mentioned SIPs or SIP plans then you can sustain your investment.

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Best 3 SIP plans to invest in 2014 | ICICI Prudential Tech Fund

ICICI Prudential Tech Fund | Synopsis

This SIP plan invests in IT & IT reliant companies. IT companies significantly rely on software exports to the US & European countries.  Therefore, the performance of ICICI Prudential Tech Funds depends on the spending of countries like US & European countries on IT worldwide. The significant growth prospects of US economy lay huge opportunities for IT & Software companies of India.

ICICI Prudential Tech Fund | Performance

As per my analysis, this is the top most performing mutual fund. Its 38% rate of returns per year over the past 5 years & good future performance prospects has given it the status of best performing equity mutual fund.

ICICI Prudential Tech Fund | Suitability

It invests in just one sector which is IT. Therefore, it’s a high return-high risk scheme for investors with high risk appetite.

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Best 3 SIP plans to invest in 2014 | SBI Pharma Fund

SBI Pharma Fund | Synopsis

This scheme invests in a variety of Pharma stocks.

SBI Pharma Fund | Performance

As per my analysis, this is India’s second most performing mutual fund showing 35% annual returns over a 5 year period.

SBI Pharma Fund | Suitability

The pharma industry in which this scheme invests and the schemes itself prove evidence of good performance over past 5 years. However, since it’s a single sector based fund, it’s good for investors with huge risk appetite who want greater returns.

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Best 3 SIP plans to invest in 2014 | SBI Magnum Mid-cap mutual fund

SBI Magnum Mid-cap mutual fund | Synopsis

The scheme aims to invest minimum of 65% in the mid cap stocks. Investing in Mid-cap stocks has high growth potential as per long run therefore creating good amount of wealth for the investors.

SBI Magnum Mid-cap mutual fund | Performance

This is the next top performing mutual fund of India. It has shown 26% annual returns over past 5 years.

SBI Magnum Mid-cap mutual fund | Suitability

Investments in mid-cap stocks again carry high risk. Therefore, it’s suitable for investors with a high risk appetite and want higher returns.

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