10 Best Investment Options in India for 2013

10 Best Investment Options in India for 2013
10 Best Investment Options in India for 2013

10 Best Investment Options in India for 2013

The market of 2013 has its own ups and downs. To figure out the best investment options analyzing the technicalities of the Indian market is a tough job. Hence, in this article we have shortlisted 10 of the best investment options in India for 2013. Further, you can browse through all the 10 best investment options for 2013 & choose the one that serves your purpose.

List of the Best Investment Options in India for 2013

The best investment options in India for 2013 mainly include Fix Deposits, Insurance investments, PP Funds, NSC & Mutual Funds investment. Also, we have shortlisted high end investment options this list. These options include Stock & Equity investment, Real Estate, Gold & Silver investment and NRO fund investment.

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Fixed Deposit is a Good Investment Option to Begin With

Fixed deposit in banks form a major vote in terms of the safest investment in India. The most important reason for this is its ability to provide reasonable returns & the money invested is locked in safely. You can always be assured of the returns. The time period for an FD may range from 15 days to more than five years. The returns you will get will be decided by the financial organization you opt for. However, it is likely that a non-senior citizen can get returns at around 10% interest rate. The rate is a little higher, if you are above 60 years of age. The good thing here is that your money invested will be safe & you don’t have to worry about it all till the maturity period. Now let’s discuss about another good investment option which is Insurance Policy Investment.

Insurance Policy Investment is also a Popular Option

After fixed deposits in banks, another popular choice of people in the list of the best investment options in India for 2013 is Insurance Policy Investment. An excellent feature about this option is that you can get profits which are risk free. Insurance policies range from a variety of types & provide different types of coverage. Insurance policies like LIC, Home insurance, car insurance & Health insurance are few examples of such type of investment options. Now let’s talk about Public Provident Funds (PPF).

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Public Provident Funds has High Returns

Public Provident Fund (PPF) is also a good option to invest money securely for future periods. The primary reason is the high rate of returns mainly for people who are under 30% tax brackets. The rate of interest returns on PPF can be as good as 9%. However, the time span of investment can be as high as 15 years. However, with almost no risk options & good returns makes this a pretty feasible option to choose. Now let’s have a look at NSC or National Saving Certificate investment options.

National Saving Certificate (NSC) is a Widely Common Option

National Saving Certificate (NSC) is another favorite investment options of people in India. This investment option comes with six year time span & with the ease of Government subsidies. Hence, all these characteristics make this option secured in every sense. A person can begin with as small as Rs.100/-. The rate of interest is 8% which is calculated two times in one year. You can benefit from tax deductions till up to Rs. 1- lakh on NSC returns. Now you can learn about another good investment options and those are mutual funds.

Mutual Fund Investments is a Safe Option 

Mutual Funds are also very popular among people. They can prove to be very fruitful if you make limited investments & generate a diverse portfolio which can give high returns. If you want to enter into stock markets & don’t wish to take unnecessary risks then this is viable option. Also you can generate higher profits. It is an ideal way investment if you want to diversify your risks & get good returns. A diverse portfolio reduces the risk factors & prevents you from complete loss of your investment. Now you can check the next option in our list of the best investment options in India for 2013 which everybody knows and that is investment in stocks.


Stock Investments is the Best for Risk Takers

Investment in stock market is an ideal way to generate higher profits faster. We consider it as one of the most risky investment options. Yet it is the finest option of all the best investment options in India for 2013. However, there are high risks involved & you cannot be assured of the returns every time. Hence, it is very important to understand the market properly. Also you should have a sound knowledge about the various factors that affects the stock market. If you know all this then no one can stop you from earning good amount of high returns. Now let’s consider investment in gold & silver.

Investment in Gold & Silver is Healthy

It’s a good idea if you invest in silver instead of gold in 2013. This is because the market predicts returns from gold this year to be parallel to possible rupee appreciation. This means there are fewer chances to get good returns. People who cannot think beyond gold as any investment option then 5% to 10% should be the general investment limit.

Real Estate Investment is a Good Option but Not for 2013

Real estate investment has always been a favorite of investors. However, in the year 2013, it is not recommended to invest too much in this sector. Real estate investment has already attracted high-escalated rates which makes it even beyond the capabilities of rich people. This situation is particularly true for cities like Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore. The state of affairs is comparatively better in the two or three tier cities. You should carefully consider the prices of the property before you invest. If the prices seem pretty good to you then go ahead. Otherwise you have many other options to invest. Now let’s have a look at the private equity investments.

Private Equity Investments Provides Satisfactory Returns

Private equity is another good investment option. It does not depend on the traditional stock market scenario. Private equity investments consist of equity securities of a private company. These equity securities are offered by privately owned equity firms, angel investors or venture capital organizations. The concept of private equity investments is on the increase in India. All these parameters make it a good investment option in 2013. The returns are satisfactory & there are above 365 firms that function under Indian equities currently. Now let’s have a look at the last but not the least, NRO fund investment options.

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NRO Fund Investment is Good for NRIs

Non Resident Ordinary or NRO investment funds are also a favourite of people when it comes to invest in a good investment option in India in 2013. It is especially preferred by Non-resident Indians. Any NRI can invest the wealth earned on foreign shores in Indian currency safely.

Hence, now you have browsed through the 10 best investment options in India for 2013. Decide upon your choices after you carefully consider all the benefits & risks involved in the same.

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